2014 gss report

The files in this repository generate the 2014 Global Soil Survey report.

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The files in this repository will generate the 2014 Global Soil Survey report, a joint project of PACE Turf, the Asian Turfgrass Center, and the turfgrass managers from around the world who have contributed samples to this project.

If you just want a copy of the report

Download a pdf copy of the first year report.

If you want to see, study, or analyze the GSS data

The data are in the /data folder of this repository.

Direct link: GSS survey data, September 2013 to August 2014

If you are interested in the analyses we have done

Check out the code chunks in the 2014_gss_report.Rnw file.

If you would like to reproduce this report

Required files and software

Put these files in a directory.

R and LaTeX must be installed on one's machine. The R packages knitr, dplyr, VGAM, and xtable must be installed also.

Note that this report uses the tufte-handout class. The tufte-common.def and tufte-handout.cls files should be in the same directory with the .Rnw and .tex files.

Generating the report

In R:

setwd("directory name")

That will create the 2014_gss_report.tex file.

Then at the terminal command line:

cd directory name
pdflatex 2014_gss_report.tex

Run pdflatex 2014_gss_report.tex a second time to get all the cross-references numbered correctly.

That will produce the final report in PDF format.

Alternatively, the Compile PDF command in RStudio with project options set to typeset LaTeX into PDF using pdfLaTeX will also produce the final report.