I finally figured out how to link the tags on the “new” ATC site into lists of posts, tagged by topic. More about that below. What this means is if you see a tag for soil (10 posts) or water (2 posts) or tissue testing (4 posts) or awesome (1 post), you can click directly on the link and it will bring you to a list of all the posts on the site tagged with that same topic.

You can also go directly to the post archive page, indexed by topic, to browse through them all at once.

This is basic functionality for most blogs—see for example the archive and tags of the Viridescent blog—but when I switched the ATC site over to Jekyll, I wasn’t able to get the tags working. Because of that, I put tags on the posts, but they weren’t linked to anything, and the posts were not gathered onto an archive page.

I was able to make the updates today by using the instructions and code from Pavel Dmytrenko’s post about implementing tags. Like Pavel, I also used CSS tags by Wouter Beeftink .

You may also notice that thanks to an update for custom domains on GitHub pages, this site is now served only over HTTPS.