There are a lot of videos and podcasts in which I have discussed various aspects of turfgrass management. I’ve organized some of them together here, and have also included links to more than 75 presentation slide decks and three books. For written articles, see the ATC library.


"Humbug" | Grammar of Greenkeeping | Season 1 | Episode 1 from Micah Woods on Vimeo.

Manilagrass establishment from stolons in 3 months from Micah Woods on Vimeo.

More videos like those at Micah’s Vimeo page.

More videos like those at the ATC YouTube page.


Superintendent Radio Network: The survivors about sustainable grass choices.

Superintendent Radio Network: Control the K about applying just the right amount of potassium.

Superintendent Radio Network: Sustainable practices on the course.

Presentation slidedecks

These are static, but some of them are self-explanatory.

More than 60 sets of slides at SpeakerDeck.

Twelve sets of slides at SlideShare.


Links to books by Micah Woods.