Four months ago I sent out the 15th MLSN newsletter to more than 1,000 subscribers. By the way, you can subscribe here. These newsletters have been written with a goal of explaining MLSN, and include some stories about how Larry Stowell and I got started with MLSN, examples of how it works, and explanations of why it works.

After 15 of those, I realized it’s a lot of reading material, and that an easy way to make them available for reference would be as a book(let). I’ve edited the original newsletters by removing as much time-specific material—such as seminar announcements—as I could, while trying to keep and arrange the expositional essay parts. I hope you’ll find this useful and thought-provoking. For more, be sure to check out the MLSN information hub on the ATC website.

Micah Woods
September 2021