About the Author

Micah Woods is the President and Chief Scientist of the Asian Turfgrass Center (https://www.asianturfgrass.com). He has degrees in horticulture from Oregon State (BSc) and Cornell (PhD) universities, and he worked as a golf course superintendent in China and Japan before founding ATC in 2006.

He has taught about turfgrass at conferences, seminars, and education programs in more than 20 countries on four continents. More than 10,000 unique visitors read posts on the ATC website each year, with those visitors coming from more than 100 countries. He has volunteered or worked at golf tournaments around the world, including the Masters Tournament, the US Open, the Open Championship, and the Ryder Cup.

Micah has written more than 100 articles about turfgrass management, and in addition to this book, he has also written A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping and Turfgrass Science & Greenkeeping (in Japanese). See the Books page on the ATC website for more information (https://www.asianturfgrass.com/books/).

He worked with PACE Turf to develop the MLSN nutrient guidelines for turfgrass soil test interpretation. In his work with ATC, he has provided advisory services to many of the leading golf clubs, sports facilities, national golf federations in Asia. ATC also provides turfgrass avisory services and soil testing services to select clients around the world. He provided turfgrass advisory services at the design stage for golf clubs from Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines that would go on to win the Best New Course in Asia award at the Asia-Pacific Golf Summit.

Micah is a member of many professional organizations, including:

  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
  • British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association
  • Soil Science Society of America
  • International Turfgrass Society
  • Crop Science Society of America
  • American Society for Horticultural Science
  • Japan Society of Turfgrass Science

You can find him on Twitter at (https://twitter.com/asianturfgrass) and all his online accounts are listed in the footer of the ATC website (https://www.asianturfgrass.com).